Apprenticeship Scheme

Finding the Balance Between Theory and Practice

Apprenticeship Scheme

Ever since we opened in 2007 we have supported modern apprenticeships. Working closely with South Devon College we find students gain a rounded foundation in the balance between theory and practice, and we gain new stylists who understand our particular brand. Charlotte gained Apprentice of the year award 2018. We support mature students wishing to change careers - who bring a greater diversity and life experience to the services we provide. Young people in general are amazingly enthusiastic, passionate, and loyal, if they find themselves valued and needed within a working environment.

My name is Liberty. I am 26. I've recently started an apprenticeship at Gill Goddard Hair. I have always had a dream of becoming a hairdresser, but was worried that being 26 and a mum that it would be too late for a career change. Thankfully that isn't the case at all. I contacted South Devon College who were really helpful and they introduced me to Gill. Everyone at Gill Goddard Hair has been so welcoming and have really helped me with training and gaining confidence for the job. I'm so happy to be part of the Gill Goddard team. My tutors at college have been so supportive and I enjoy both theory and practical lessons and learning new techniques. I can't wait to see what the feature holds for me and my career at Gill Goddard Hair.

Liberty. Apprentice

Hey my name is Charlotte and I’m 27. I was 25 when I decided to follow my dream and start the journey of becoming a hairdresser.
It was an amazing adventure being a student again, having homework, having a teacher, making school friends and also starting a new job at the bottom and working my way into the team as a stylist.
The memories are incredible to look back on now and I really enjoyed every moment.
Whilst being an apprentice at GGH I won the apprentice of the year which was so overwhelming as I really put my all into my training and work. Everyone at GGH gave me the best training and put so much time and effort to help me become a stylist to a good standard.

Charlotte. Apprentice