Exeter trip to try some exciting new Keune products

Exeter trip to try some exciting new Keune products

Earlier this year the Gill Goddard Hair team went to Exeter for the launch of some exciting new Keune products within their Style range.

These are new and improved styling products taken straight from the catwalk and are at the forefront of contemporary styling.

At the event, the girls from the salon enjoyed presentations and demos using the products and learnt about how they have been specially formulated by the experts at Keune for professional salons around the world.

We especially liked the Volume Powder because it is an effective but easy way for our clients to build volume into their hair at home no matter what their hair type, as well as being perfect for our blow-dries in the salon.

We will have the new products in stock and would be happy to show you how they can give you the finished look that you crave!

Look forward to seeing you soon!